ChemService 2014年新产品目录 - 康润科技-实验耗材及仪器设备专业供应商
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ChemService 2014年新产品目录
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Chem Service, Inc. – We Set The Standard. Want to know more about our company? See a profile of the people who help make Chem Service, Inc. the best in the business.

Established in 1962, Chem Service is accredited to ISO Guide 34:2009, ISO/IEC 17025:2005, and registered and certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for the design, development, production, distribution, and servicing of organic neat and synthetic reference materials.

Chem Service, Inc. produces high purity chemicals for use as reference materials and for other laboratory purposes. More than 95% of our Standards Grade materials have a certified purity of 98.0% or greater and do not require purity corrections when preparing solutions for use with EPA, USTM, UST, and numerous other international methods.

Standards Grade chemicals are clearly labeled with an expiration date that is based on years of experience in handling and testing. Products are packaged in small quantities to minimize storage, waste, and disposal requirements. Organic and inorganic chemicals, solutions, and mixtures are available to meet a wide range of specialized laboratory needs.