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四乙基硼酸钠 11-0575
ICP-MS加标样用泵管 12根/包
ICP石英炬管 对应货号:2010090400
ICP雾化室 对应货号:2010081700
ICP-MS稀释连接杆(Quartz connector tube, dilution, HMI kit)
ICP-MS镍截取锥 对应货号:G3280-67041
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  • 产品名称:ICP-MS玻璃雾化器
  • 型号规格:G3266-65003
  • 产品货号:GP000244
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  • 品牌分类:(美国)Agilent(Varian)
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MicroMist nebulizer (Glass), 1/pk
Standard on 7700x/e and 7500cx/ce.
When ordered for the 7500a, the spray chamber
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scription Specifications Use Unit 7700
Part No.
Part No.
MicroMist Nebulizer Borosilicate glass Standard on 7700x/e and 7500cx/ce.
When ordered for the 7500a, the spray chamber
end cap (G1833-65475) is also required.
  G3266-65003 G3266-65003
Sample tubing 0.25 mm ID, 700 mm,
with connector
For MicroMist Nebulizer 10/pk G3266-80010 G3266-80010
Sample tubing 0.5 mm ID, 700 mm,
with connector
For MicroMist Nebulizer 10/pk G3266-80011 G3266-80011
Carrier gas connector   For MicroMist Nebulizer   G3266-80015 G3266-80015
Nebulizer cleaner   For MicroMist Nebulizer   G3266-80020 G3266-80020
MicroFlow Nebulizer PFA, 200 μL/min     G3139-65100 G3139-65100
MicroFlow Nebulizer
with I-AS probe
PFA, 200 μL/min Standard on 7700s and 7500s   G3139-65102 G3139-65102
MicroFlow Nebulizer PFA, 20-50 μL/min     G3139-65106 G3139-65106
MicroFlow Nebulizer
with I-AS probe
PFA, 20-50 μL/min     G3139-65108 G3139-65108
Carrier gas line connector   For MicroFlow Nebulizer 2/pk G1833-65583 G1833-65583
Mira Mist Nebulizer PTFE     G3161-80000 G3161-80000
Mira Mist Nebulizer PEEK For high solids applications such as environmental,
geological, etc. Not for semiconductor use since
it does not self aspirate. When ordered for
the 7500a, the spray chamber end cap
(G1833-65475) is also required (included
with 7500cx/cs).
  G3161-80001 G3161-80001
Babington Nebulizer Includes Viton O-ring,
PTFE sample tubing,
and connector
Use to introduce samples with high matrix
and high total salts. Clean when contaminated
or when orifices are clogged.
End cap for Babington
Nebulizer, polypropylene
Includes Viton O-rings Replace when memory effects do not disappear
after cleaning. Insert nebulizer in middle of end
cap all the way through. Attach end cap to spray
chamber with "TOP" mark facing up.
Babington Nebulizer
removal tool
Concentric Nebulizer,
Use with P/N
Argon gas connector,
P/N G1820-60160
Connector kit, P/N
G1820-65121 end cap
Use with clean samples only. Not resistant
to hydrochloric acid. Clean with a 5% HNO3 (v/v)
bath; do not use ultrasonic bath.
  G1820-65030 G1820-65030
Concentric Nebulizer,
Use with P/N
Quartz spray chamber,
P/N G1820-80237
Quartz connecting pipe
Recommended for trace analysis of clean samples.
Lower contamination level than Pyrex. Clean using
5% HNO3 (v/v) bath; do not use ultrasonic bath.
  G1820-65138 G1820-65138
Connector for carrier gas
line, polypropylene
4 mm tubing, includes
ferrule and O-ring
For gas line connection to Concentric Nebulizer   G1820-65052 G1820-65052
Sample tubing with
connector, PTFE
Tool included For Babington Nebulizer, replace when heavily
contaminated by high matrix samples.
Sample line connector Includes Viton O-ring Connects Concentric Nebulizer with sample line.
Port with large hole connects to nebulizer; smaller
port connects with sample tubing.
  G1820-60160 G1820-60160
Union fitting 4 mm tubing For PFA Concentric Nebulizer   5064-8078 5064-8078
Ferrule and Viton O-ring
kit for carrier gas line
  For Babington/Concentric Nebulizer   G1820-65533 G1820-65533
End cap for Concentric
Nebulizer, PTFE
Includes Viton O-rings Connects the Concentric Nebulizer (Pyrex or
Quartz) with the spray chamber. For MicroMist,
MicroFlow, and other concentric nebulizers.
O-rings for Babington
Nebulizer, Viton
  Used to create seal between Babington
Nebulizer and end cap.
4/pk   G1820-65199
O-ring kit for Concentric
Nebulizer, Viton
2 sizes, 10 each   20/pk G1820-65491 G1820-65491
O-rings for Concentric
Nebulizer, for organic
solvents (3 types)
    4/pk G1820-65520 G1820-65520
O-rings for end cap, Viton   Use for the end cap of the Babington Nebulizer,
Cross Flow Nebulizer and Concentric Nebulizer.
5/pk   G1820-65198
O-rings for end cap,
for organic solvents
    2/pk   G1820-65518
CrossFlow Nebulizer Includes bushing,
carrier gas line
connector, blend gas
line connector, sample
tubing, and gas line
tubings with
inner sleeves
Standard nebulizer for the inert kit.
Resistant to hydrofluoric acid. Set carrier
gas pressure to 500 kPa (5 kg/cm2).
Clean with 5% HNO3 (v/v) bath. Replace
when memory effects remain after cleaning.